01. Service

Sales Team Management

What We Do

We train and install high ticket sales teams for your offer/program by selecting remote sales closers who are meticulously trained and vetted by Founder Fraser Thom, drawing from his years of expertise in selling high-ticket products within coaching, consulting, and service industries.

Who Are

Our High-Ticket Sales teams are characterized by professionalism, performance orientation, authenticity, and comprehensive anagement. This structure empowers CEOs and Founders to redirect their focus towards other critical aspects of their business.



Proven funnel and inbound traffic source.


Good track record of client fulfillment and testimonials.


Coaching program from 3k+/or scaleable service.


Coaching Clients

Frazer Brookes

#1 Social Media Trainer In Network Marketing Industry

Vincenzo Sannipoli

Co-Founder, The Ninja Networker

Lloyd Ross

Financial Coach and expert

The best way to predict the future is to create it.